Our story

Since 1955, Wesfair Agency has been a premier independent insurance agency serving the Greater New York City area. Throughout those years, Wesfair has established and nurtured long-term relationships, protecting our clients’ resources with personalized insurance solutions and growing their assets by providing thoughtful and prudent financial advice. We are proud of the work we have accomplished. We cherish the partnerships we have cultivated over six decades.

In 2018, in response to regulatory and industry trends, Wesfair expanded our services to formally open a financial advisory practice, Wesfair Advisory. Our knowledgeable team of brokers and advisors are in place to provide a full range of services, specializing in personal and commercial insurance and financial and retirement planning, plus a compendium of options to address every financial need.

Working closely with our clients, we can help navigate the often-bewildering and frustrating landscape surrounding insurance, investing, and financial decisions. Together, we will make the best decisions for your personal and business responsibilities. We look forward to broadening our relationships with our established and new partners, maintaining our unrivaled level of commitment, experience, and expertise to protect and nurture your present and future financial security.