Daniel Griffin

CPA, CIC, and Licensed Insurance Broker

Dan is a client-focused professional who brings along a strong sense of integrity, open communication, and a friendly demeanor in all of his work. With a background in public accounting and insurance, he offers a wide breadth of knowledgeable financial insight. He prides himself on his business relationships and advises his clients as he would his own family and friends. Dan understands that it takes time to understand each client's unique goals and works alongside to bring them to fruition, taking the time to patiently listen and map out objectives and risks. 


  • Insurance and Risk Management

  • Accounting and Business Operations

  • Financial Plan Development and Maintenance

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Jacob Hadad

CPA and Licensed Insurance Broker

Jacob has been described as the type of person who gets important things done in an efficient and practical manner. Identifying problems that are vital to clients and creating solutions that are easy to understand and communicate are two of his many strengths. Jacob’s passion is to help people by providing business advice, offering investment guidance, analyzing their risk, advising on tax strategy and sporting event outcomes, adding value every day.


  • Retirement and Tax Planning

  • Long-term Investment Strategy

  • Accounting and Business Operations

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