why do i Need renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is a low cost way to protect yourself and your property. If your apartment building suffers a loss (whether it's a fire, explosion, something damaging the building from outside) a renters policy will help you to replace your belongings. A lease does not typically hold the landlord responsible for your belongings in the event of a loss.  Renters insurance covers your furniture, clothes, electronics and many other personal belongings. 

A renters policy will also pay for additional living expenses while your apartment is being repaired for a covered loss.


Another great reason to have renters insurance is to protect you from personal liability. Renters insurance can provide you with protection in case someone is injured in your apartment. It could even protect you for damage to someone else's property outside of the apartment. The policy also pays for costs of defending you in a lawsuit due to a covered loss. 


Our agents have access to great markets in the New York Metro area and know the questions to ask to get you the coverage you need. We have great rates and lots of experience to help you through the process.